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PMT embroidered face masks are now available!

These stylish face masks are made in America and embroidered locally, here in Chicago. Solid stitching, no weird mask smell, washable & comfortable. One size fits most.

Support Your Local Skate Shop!

PMT has been busy stocking up the local skate shops. Chicago flag decks, Wood Grain Logo & Sleeze Lake. Sizes from 7.5 to 9.5, street shapes, custom shapes and everything in-between! If they don’t have a PMT deck that you are looking for, let us know, and we’ll get it to them.


We’re feelin’ SLEEZY again as the Pardon My Thrashing / Little Cabin Film collaboration comes back for more.

The SLEEZE Lake comes in both standard street shapes and sizes; 8, 8.25, 8.5, 8.75 as well as our SLEEZE Shape 9.0 and Super SLEEZE 9.4. There might just be a “Reverse Mullet SLEEZE” that is a street shape in the back and a smaller version of the SLEEZE Shape up front. Comes in 8.5. You gotta ask for that one and super limited edition. Business in the back, party in front!

What is Pardon My Thrashing all about…Watch the video below to find out who we are.

Pardon My Thrashing is Chicago’s most inclusive skateboard company. We invite everyone to the party, Skate shops, other brands, all skateboarders regardless of age, gender or ability. Come join the session.

New Pardon My Thrashing Chicago Flag Decks, Now Available!

On their way to your local skate shop!

More than just another Chicago Flag Deck….

Pardon My Thrashing has been a skateboard company since 2015 and a skateboarding social media space back to 2012. PMT sponsors and hosts many events in the city and suburbs throughout the year. We want to make skateboarding accessible to all, regardless of experience or ability.

Our Chicago Flag decks represents Pardon My Thrashing’s support and representation of Chicago skateboarding. We love this city (and suburbs too!!!) There are so many great people involved in Chicago skateboarding. Thank you for your support of skateboarding and Pardon My Thrashing.

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