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Support Your Local Skate Shop Is What We Do!


Wait, what’s going on? Skate Shops will be able to order and manage invoices right through the PMT site?


We have heard the stories, from Skate Shops, of all kinds of invoice follies. Stuff that wastes skate shops time. One of our favorite dumb invoice stories that we told to us went something like, “Hey, can you pay me for those boards I dropped off?” “When did you drop ’em off?” “Like eight months ago.” Did you send me an invoice?” “Ughhhh, no.”

Ridiculous right? PMT has always kept the Skate Shop in mind when sending invoices. When we invoice we always make sure to… Originally, we were going to type what we do to log an invoice for a skate shop. We don’t need to give up the steps we take to make sure we have clear and concise invoices for the shops we do business with. We take the extra time, and not always so fun part, of making sure we invoice skate shops properly and have an open communication with them at all times. Being a business owner is hard. We know!

You many times have people wearing multiple hats of responsibility or the majority of time, one person doing everything and even with a full-time day job somewhere else and doing this. Again, we know!

We are all about the “Support Your Local Skate Shop” phrase. Everything to listing shops on our site, to offering merch on consignment to sponsoring events and more.


We will be launching a Skate Shop Only Portal on our website! This will let shops place orders to stock their shelves and deck walls right through this website. This will give skate shops a one stop place to go for placing orders to paying invoices. All in one place. We always on top of our…business. Now we are taking that up another level. This will be a huge resource for skate shops. This was a HUGE under taking for us both financially and a lot of labor. We believe in the skateboarding culture, the brands that are true to skateboarding and the local skateboard shop.

Portal coming February, 2024.

Kyle Kraus Turns Pro For PMT!

This is so way overdue. Kyle is an incredible skateboarder and dude. He should have been pro years ago even before PMT existed. Check out his full profile HERE, including pro model and some footy!

Calvin Krieg Turns Pro For PMT!!!

Long overdue and well deserved. This is the one and only, The Mighty Spliff Gawd!

Decks at your local skate shop. If they don’t have ’em, ask them to stock them! Or get right through our website. Free shipping and grip on all decks!

Check out Calvin’s sick footy HERE!

Jon Schmidt, Turns Pro For PMT!

Jon has so many crazy tricks, two videos had to be made!!! Check ’em out below.

Jon Schmidt Pro Model, In Stock, At Local Skate Shops!

Also available through our website here: Jon Schmidt Deck

More info on Professional Skateboarder Mr. Jon Schmidt HERE!

New Merch Alert!

Back For Another Run Skate!: Whiner Beer Company & PMT Deck Collab!

We are super stoked to bring back this limited edition second run on the collab decks we did with the awesome peeps at Whiner Beer. Gotta get yourself a fresh deck and some “Curb Cutter” beer to go with it! In stock at the Whiner Beer Tap Room, your local skate shop and our Merch Shop HERE.

Support Your Local Skate Shop, All Day, Every Day!

More new merch is on the way to your local skate shop! Check here as we are doing some major updates to the site!

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