606 Skyline Series Bearings

606 Skyline Series Bearings

All new for 2024!

  • “Skyline Premiums”
  • Skyline Premium Series
  • Quantity 8 bearings and 4 spacers
  • Bearings: 7 Balls each bearing
  • Removable rubber shields
  • Shield color: Blue
  • Packaged in reuseable Tin box
  • Bearings are rated for skating
  • ABEC Rating: ABEC 9
  • Art By Jessika Savage
  • The rubber shields are removeable and replaceable
  • Pro tip: Use a little water resistant silicone lubricant to keep them from getting crunchy!
  • Manufactured to our specifications in China

Pro Tip!

The shields are rubber and removeable. Yes, they will come loose. Make sure you use those little washers between the bearing and the nut to help. Some skaters like to take the shields off entirely! That does allow a ton of dirt to get into the bearings.

If your bearings get crunchy and dry or need a little lube, we recommend the WD-40 SPECIALIST Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant.

That lubricant is awesome! Great for bearings and good to have around the house too. Works great on door hinges, gate hinges, adjustable wrenches…

Check back in for more info and videos, coming soon!

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