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Pardon My Thrashing is a collective of like minded skaters whose core lies deeply in the belief that fostering a community of skateboarding is as important as the act of skateboarding itself. Community drives passion, motivation and therefore thrashing. Pardon My Thrashing is the sharing of the pure excitement of skateboarding through camaraderie.

Yeah, so our skateboarding brand started out as a Facebook group back in 2012. That Facebook group was created to help skaters get to know each other, share footage and meet up to go skate. We still run that page to this day!

In 2015 we expanded on our mission and created Pardon My Thrashing LLC; a Chicago based skateboarding brand. Our skateboard company is still very much based on tha Facebook page. We wanted to take that group page and make a real world version of it. We now have a full team and are always looking to add the roster. Current riders HERE.

There’s so much more to the story. Please check out the PMT documentary below.

PMT Documentary By Little cabin Films

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