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SKateboarding and what we ATE along the way.  

SKATE: April 2024

Where did March go? For us, the past moth zoomed by. We have been working hard and fast on a bunch of behind the scenes stuff. New website features are being added, going through all the stacked clips and pics, and closing out 2023 with our accountant. Plus a bunch of other tasks that we are trying to cram in before event season kicks back in. And of course we have some top secret stuff goin’ on for later this tear…. (shhh). We are also looking forward to some nice Spring weather and skating outside. See ya in the streets!

SKATE: March 2024

So there was a huge gap, last year, in posting here. 2023 was a wild year and the second half was super crazy! We did so many events it was hard to keep up. We even did two events in one day and pulled a 20 work day! It takes a lot of work to put on these events. The promoters, organizers and sponsors all have a ton to do to make these events and contests happen. For us as a sponsor, we have to load all the bins with the “right” merch. Predicting what we need really. Then load the merch bins, tables, chairs, tent… in PMT Merch Mobile 1. It’s like Tetris getting all that merch and event stuff packed up.

We did quite a few events in Indiana so there was plenty of windshield time before and after the events. Then after a usually full day long event and we get back to “shred quarters”, then its unload PMT Merch Mobile 1 and restock what was sold, balance the accounting and see if we need to reorder any merch.

There will be plenty of rad events in 2024. We’re not doing any double events in one day again! It was worth it to see Jan Terri’s stage magic at CUFF!

SKATE: February 2024

February has been a wild month around here. We have been working on some behind the scenes projects that have kept us quite busy. More about that when we can unveil. February has also been a wild weather month here in Chicago. We usually just write this month off as a snowy, sloppy, cold mess. Yeah, we had that for a couple of weeks then temps in the 60’s the next! There would still be snow in places and we are outside skating in t-shirts!

Beloved WGN Meteorologist Tom Skilling retired this month, so maybe Mother nature wanted him to have a wild send off! It’s gonna be weird not getting weather reports from Tom now that he has retired. A lot of us grew up watching him. As skateboarders, the weather is super important. Especially here in Chicago where we can have all four seasons in one day! Big shout out to Tom Skilling for all the years we counted on him to know what the skate weather was gonna be! Congratulations on your retirement.

We have a lot of fun planned for this year. Follow us on the socials and subscribe to our all new newsletter that starts in March. That way you will know about events, contests, new merch, team rider interviews, ticket give-a-ways and more! Be sure to support your local skate shop and skate shops. See ya in the streets!

SKATE: January 2024

Happy New Year everyone! We are excited for a new year full of opportunity and skateboarding adventure. 2023 was a year of growth for PMT and all of us individually. It’s rad seeing the younger guys comin’ up and the older dudes still holding it down. We are stoked for all the connections that we made and new shops we got in, in 2023. We also had quite a few injuries that took some riders out for a while. Oscar was out after a knee surgery. Calvin is still out right now also with a knee surgery. We know he’ll be back soon. And Greg should probably have a knee surgery but we’ll see how that plays out.

If you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to see what we are up to and about. We will work on posting, here, consistently every month. Mostly skateboarding of course, probably some food as we have quite the food scene here in Chicago and we have Pat working that grill. Maybe a little behind the scenes, Skate trip blogging, Some contest and event updates…


Greetings and welcome to our first post of 2023!

2022 was our busiest year! We sponsored so many events. We are looking forward even more in 2023. We added six riders to the PMT / 606WC squad! Our first out of state rider and first female! We also launched a wheel brand; 606 Wheel Company! That was a ton of work but well worth it. The Urethane and manufacturing comes from a company with over 50 years of experience and a dedicated division for skateboard wheels. These are the real deal. Check your local skate shop. If they don’t have ’em, tell them you want ’em! Finally, high quality wheels from a Chicago based brand: 606 Wheel Company.

We have some big plans for 2023 and are looking forward to those. There will be some exciting announcements all throughout the year!

We hope you follow along with us! You can find us at:

Instagram: Pardon My Thrashing: @pardonmythrashing

Instagram: 606 Wheel Company: @606wheelcompany

Now let’s go for a S.K.A.T.E.!!!


What a weekend! We added three new team riders while at the Shred Your Standards event at the Logan Square Skatepark. It was a weekend full of skateboard contests and punk rock. Thanks to all who came out, the other vendors and sponsors. Over $1000 cash was handed out to contest winners over the weekend! Plus PMT decks and other merch. A big shout out to everyone who stopped by our booth and for the support. All the support helps our riders and other skateboarders keep skating!

Sign of fun event!


10-1-2022: PMT Rider Jon Schmidt Turns Pro! (Finally)

We are super stoked to announce that PMT rider Jon Schmidt is finally turning pro!

Congratulations to Jon Schmidt, PMT’s first pro rider! In all honestly, Jon has been “pro” for years. His skating ability and attitude are of a true professional. Finally, his deck comes out to further acknowledge his innovative skateboarding style! Yeah Jon!

Jon should have been pro like 15 years ago. Even way before PMT was a thought. We don’t know how he slipped under the radar of sponsorship and getting a pro model. Jon and Kyle Kraus both got sponsored by PMT at the same time. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know them and watch them skate.

Jon’s skateboarding ability is insane. From darkslides to Mctwists and everything in between, he’s got it in his trick bag. Congratulations, Jon!

Jon Schmidt, PMT Pro Deck Release Video!!!

Check out Jon’s insane footy below!


So, we have been working on something “wheelie” exciting! Wheels!

We created a whole new brand called 606 Wheel Company. The “606” comes from Chicago zip codes as the city’s zip codes start with “606”. We saw the need for a Chicago based wheel company. A company with awesome art created by local artists, real Chicago flavor infused into top quality Urethane. Our urethane manufacturing has more than 55 years of experience backing these wheels! Calvin and Greg have been testing them all Summer. Both of them gave the thumbs up and they are now in production! Hats, stickers, patches, beanies and more are all in the works. We are looking forward to announcing the 606 Wheel Team soon!

Calvin and Greg approved!


We are out here in Michigan on our PMT skate trip! We hit up Saginaw and Flint and are spending the rest of the time in Detroit before we head out to Ann Arbor and Battle Creek before returning home. We have been thrashing and getting thrashed. Not gonna stop us though! This has been a great trip full of rad skating.


This summer has been so much fun doing a ton of events and skating as often as we can. Thank you to everyone who has been coming out to the ISC events, Ladies & Queer Jam, Lake Geneva / Fixion contest, Punk Rock Tacos and all of the other events. We still have the Hammond and Asylum ISC events coming up. We will be at both of those. Also we have some give aways at the new St. John Indiana Skatepark event. We are also looking forward to a PMT Skate Trip to Michigan in September.


This Summer is flying by! We have been skating a ton. Lots of filming. Tons of new projects that we are working on. We are going to have some exciting merch releases and announcements coming up so check back here and watch the socials for those!

We are also excited to be back at ISC this year! We have a snazzy new merch tent and upgraded some of the booth stuff…Like new tables and banners. We gotta proper when we are out at events, right?! We just did the ISC Highland event. We got to see so many peeps that we have not seen in a while and meet so many new peeps too! Thank you to all who stop by the PMT tent. The support for PMT, at this event, was incredible! Thanks for keeping Greg and Maria busy. Big shout out to our good friend and photographer Brian Cook of A Tiny Place Photography for all the sick pics, to Driftwood for all that they do to make these events happen, all the sponsors and everyone who helped us set up our tent and take down the tent later on. There was a lot of great skating and great people here. We are looking forward to the next one. We will be at the Fixion event on August 13th but will be at the ISC Hammond Skate Park on September 3rd. Ples we have the contests and punk show, Shred Your Standards, at Logan Square skate park tomorrow!


We have been busy at PMT Shredquarters. We have a new deck and two new shirts out now. With more new merch on the way and some sick surprises in the works! Tons of video footage has been gettin’ cranked out from the editing desk. Have you seen Calvin’s full part on our You Tube channel? It’s a must watch!!! We are looking forward to alot of skating this summer and more merch releases along the way. Also, a big shout out to all who send us pics and footy rockin’ PMT gear. Keep ’em coming! We love seeing those and posting them to our socials. Thank you for the support!


Wake up! Wake up! It’s time to drive to Michigan. Yesterday we had our Punk Rock Tacos event. Thank you to all who came out. It was nice and busy. An extra special thank you to all who stop by our merch booth to say hi and support. So Greg was working the merch booth with Maria. Pat and Calvin were there. Plus some visits from the Adamson’s, Chris, Asylum Greg and Jen! It was a banger of a show and we wish we could have stayed longer but Greg had to get up in four hours and meet up the Brian Cook to cover the Battleground Skatehouse contest.

Greg Report: Wake up! Wake up! ugggh that alarm. OK, I worked like five fourteen hours days in a row then an eighteen hour day, got four hours of sleep and drove to Michigan for the day. I’m feeling crispy but looking forward to the trip. A little alone time in the Flex is just what I need. Oh and coffee! The drive went quick. There’s a carnival going on in the parking lot of the mall where the skatepark is at. That’s gonna be our lunch spot! Battleground is super cool. yep, in a mall. Good idea! I like some mall air conditioning. The shop and park are super cool and everyone working there was so nice. I like that everyone has name tags on. Met up with Cody from Ill Spoken clothing. He’s rad. check out his merch. There were some rippers in that contest. Brian and I got our pics, now let’s eat! Not much left of the food court, in the mall. let’s go check out the carnival! Corndogs and fries it is! Greg kicked in a fiver for Brian to “win” a prize at the sledgehammer game. Brian got his sword. mission accomplished. Now back to the contest. We got some PMT prizes in for the winners (yes, they are all winners). We are super stoked to get decks and hats on the shelf at Battleground and that they are the first Michigan shop that we have our merch at! Time for the what became a long drive back. Was totally worth it. I would have done it all over again. Tomorrow is gonna be a light office day. I hope Brian enjoys his sword!

3/25/2022 Punk Rock Tacos

Punk Rock Tacos is an event that we really look forward to. Back in October 2021 we met Noah Corona at the Villa Park skatepark. We got some peeps together to skate and film some Halloween themed content. Noah was there and he told me about these punk shows, that he puts on, at a taqueria a couple of blocks away. This sounded super interesting!

Yeah, Punk Rock Tacos has been a lot of fun. Have you been to one yet?

We have seen so many awesome punk bands and had a lot of really good food.

Check our events page for dates, bands and more info.

3/11/2022: Footy Edit Friday

Sitting here at the editing desk going through all the footy we got at Starlight Skatepark. Brian Cook, our good buddy and PMT photographer, came in from Michigan to take photos of the PMT riders.
We got a solid crew of PMT riders. We got Brian Cook, Greg Roberts, Pat Kizziah, Kyle Krause, Keylen Scott, Calvin Krieg, Manny Orr and our homie Oscar Rodriguez. We were there from Noon until like 8pm and got so much footy! Alright, back to editing…

3/4/2022: Keylen Scott Secret Security Camera Footage!

We recently posted some stealth footage of, now PMT rider, Keylen Scott prior to him getting sponsored. Keylen came to Fargo to meet up with Greg to talk sponsorship and, well, skate. Greg was filming PMT rider Kyle Kraus but was able to sneak in some footage of Keylen.

“I thought it would be cool to get some off the cuff footage of Keylen before he figured out where I was. I was tucked down between two of the ramps getting an angle for Kyle’s front 540. Keylen figured out where I was when I moved out to film by the flatbar. I think he saw me mid-feeble. He landed it and turned right around and skated right up to me. It that short bit of time Keylen landed like fifty tricks and worked his way through the crowded skatepark with finesse that I have not really seen before. Yeah, we are super stoked to have Keylen on PMT.”

Fun facts: Sometimes when we have stationary footage we use our “security cam” graphic over it. Just makes it kinda funny. That graphic is two alternating graphics that were made in Powerpoint. The text says PMT Camera 12. The 12 refers to 2012, when Pardon My Thrashing first started as a Facebook group for skaters to meet up and set up sessions. PMT the company was established in 2015.

3/2/2022: S.K.A.T.E. Blog Reimagined

A few years back PMT owner Greg Roberts started S.K.A.T.E: Sightseeing, Knowledge, Architecture, Travel, Entertainment…a little bit of SKateboarding and what we ATE along the way. At about the same time, PMT was growing and we just opened the Bunker, our indoor skate facility. This ended up taking priority over everything else, even personal projects and actually skateboarding for Greg. Once Covid hit, the Bunker, going out to eat or even be out in public came to a screeching halt.

We had to close the Bunker due to the City of Chicago making us close during the lockdown period. We had the opportunity to get out of the lease and we did. Skateboarding ended up having a huge boom and all of our focus was on the skateboard company side of the business. Again, everything else taking a back burner.

The S.K.A.T.E. website was up and taking shape. There are still social medias up for it. It just took so much time to make it, it’s own thing. Going out with masks on was a pain and with everything going on with PMT adding more riders and filming and expanding, S.K.A.T.E. just got shelved. But what if S.K.A.T.E. was a part of PMT instead of separate?…

“I just keep thinking about S.K.A.T.E. I know I can make it work. I just don’t want to do a bad job at it. There is no finding more time for it. Unless the day becomes longer than 24 hours, there isn’t much time to devote to it. I think if we can write a bit about the PMT events and sessions that we are already at and post those we can make it happen” – Greg Roberts.

We have a ton of events in the works this year. We already take notes and write about them on social media. But there’s so many thoughts or other content that doesn’t really fit in posting to The Gram, but would be better fit for here.

So come join us for a S.K.A.T.E.

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