Where is Pardon My Thrashing From?

Pardon My Thrashing is based in the Logan Square neighborhood in the City of Chicago.

Where are the decks made?

All of our decks are made proudly in the North American with Canadian maple.

What’s the deal with the custom shape?

The custom shape is designed to give a little flair to the top of your deck, without impeding on skateability. They are 8.5 & 9.0″ wide, but should skate similar to a standard shape deck.

What’s our shipping and return policy?

See the Term’s and Conditions page here.

Who does the art, edits the video and designs the site?

Glad you asked! We do! In addition to being skateboarders, many of us are artists, designers, videographers and so on. Creativity in skateboarding and art seems to go hand in hand, and us dudes are no exception. Most the work is done in-house by us. We do work with guest artists and sometimes need help with stuff outside of PMT.

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