Two new riders coming soon!

John Henry Egan

John Egan got his first real skateboard in 1989, Ray Barbee’s first ragdoll graphic by Powell Peralta. He learned to ride off curbs and bomb little hills, but that was all he thought you could do with it until 1993 when a local skate-rat dude laughed at what he was riding, then grabbed it and did a 360 flip on it. An entire new world opened up to John upon seeing that trick! He pretty much spent the next 11 years doing all he could to not get off his board. In high school, his house was referred to as “Cindy Circle Skate Park” by friends; there was a cemented rail in the lawn, boxes, launch ramps, banks, and best of all, a 5 ft mini-ramp in the back yard.

Through skateboarding, John was opened up to a world of endless creativity, whether through tricks to be done, or things to do them on, but also through fine art and music. Between the years 2005-2017, he spent less and less time on his board, and more time making paintings and curating art for others in art galleries across the globe. He then had about 8 + years without even looking at a board. It was upon moving to Chicago with his wife that he finally reconnected with his first love. Early into that venture he met Rich and Theo at a skatepark, they invited him into the Facebook group, and the rest is history.

And he still makes sure to do at least one 360 flip every time he skates.