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Skate Bunker™ By Pardon My Thrashing®

We miss you too! Stay strong. We look forwardto skating with you again real soon!

First COVID, now we have to move

The COVID put a halt on Skate Bunker sessions. Now some major work needs to be done to the building. Now we have to move!

We are trying to be optimistic that this will be a good thing, but still it’s gonna be costly to start over. We have been weathering the COVID storm as best we can but now this is the blow that’s gonna hurt. We want to be there for you this fall and winter. Please consider donating to the Skate Bunker 2.0. New location, hopefully no more awful neighbors and a even better space!

We really do appreciate your support. Pardon My Thrashing is a husband and wife owned skateboard company based in the Logan Square / Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago, IL. USA. W are an LLC to be exact. We are not a huge corporation, but a smaller independent skateboard company. We are PMT for one reason: To support skateboarding. We support the skateboarder, skate shops and parks and other brands as well. We want skateboarding to be accessible to all and for all to feel included.

Thank you for your support of Pardon My Thrashing, the Skate Bunker, skateboarding, Chicago skateboarding and each other.

Thank you, Greg and Maria Roberts, Nick, Donny, Pat and tribe, Ben and the rest of the crew.

Bored ’cause you can’t ride the board? Check out PMT’s You Tube Page!

Skate Bunker Footage:

Sleeze Lake Limited Edition Deck: Second pressing: Decks HERE

“The greatest party you’ve never heard of.”

Pump Track In Frankfort Illinois:

So the story goes…:

PMT Skate Bunker Session Hours Tuesday & Saturday Skate Club Schedule – ON HOLD

There are no scheduled open sessions at this time. Pardon My Thrashing & the Skate Bunker want to make sure that we are able to provide a save and healthy environment for you to skate in. It is close quarters in the Skate Bunker and we felt like it might be a little too close. Thank you for your understanding.

Check out PMT’s merch here:

Postponed: ****Saturday 4/11/2020: 11am to 2pm: –PRIVATE SESSION–. Pardon any inconvenience.

*All monetary submissions are considered donations to the facility. These donations will help to maintain the ramps at the Skate Bunker.

Pardon My Thrashing & the Skate Bunker are very thankful to be involved in skateboarding. It is our love, our passion and have been doing it for more than three decades! Thank you for your support of PMT & the SB. And thank you for your support of the Chicago skateboard scene. Cheer on your friends, cheer on peeps you don’t know and make new friends…and cheers to you! Thank you for skateboarding. -PMT


All participants must have a completed waiver prior to entry. You can complete one at the Skate Bunker, download below, print, complete at your leisure and bring to the Skate Bunker.

Offsite Events

30+ Session at Fargo Skateboarding: Second Sunday’s of the month, 9am to Noon & get food afterwards. If anyone needs a ride DM us. (During the warmer months / days, double check if we are having the session)

Sunday Sessions: Most Sunday’s we skate late morning or midday. Join our members Facebook page to find out where the session is at.

General Info

Our door is the blue door on Campbell marked 1934. To ring the Skate Bunker when outside: Push the PMT Logo doorbell. (Right in the center like you are trying to crack the deck with yer finger!). We’ll come let you in.


*Hours subject to change depending on special events, private rental, etc. The Skate Bunker may open later than advertised. Check this page for updated information

It’s always dry and comfortable in the Skate Bunker!

Chicago Weather Report:

Payment Info:

(*All monetary submissions are considered donations to the facility. These donations will help to maintain the ramps at the Skate Bunker.)

  • $12.00 per session
  • Skateboarding Parent(s) – Bring your kid(s) to skate with you! Kids 12 and under are only $6.00 with a paid adult skateboarder.
  • *Pricing valid through June 22nd 2020.
Pay In Person, At The Bunker, Or Here:

Skate Bunker accepts cash, Paypal, Venmo, & most major credit cards. Monthly memberships and sessions can be paid via PayPal at or use the payment form below.

Skate Bunker Payments

Venmo: Skate-Bunker-1934

(*All monetary submissions are considered donations to the facility. These donations will help to maintain the ramps at the Skate Bunker.)

What is the Skate Bunker™

The Skate Bunker is a 3500sq ft. skateboarding facility in Logan Square, Chicago, IL. It is a home to Pardon My Thrashing’s global headquarters as well as our skate training facility. The Skate Bunker is a private facility for the Pardon My Thrashing team. On Tuesday’s & Saturday’s we open up for our Open Skate Club.

  • “Ramp Room” Contains:
  • 3.5ft Mini Ramp
  • 2.5ft Mini Ramp
  • Bank to ledge (Replica of the Palatine Banks)
  • 4ft quarter pipe
  • Various other obstacle: launch ramps, kickers, parking blocks
  • Dedicated street area with:
  • Two 13ft long manual pads with super nice metal edging
  • 13ft long slider bar also with the super nice metal
  • Various other platforms, rails, banks and quarters
  • Full Kitchen with refrigerator, stove, oven, tons of storage space
  • Full bath with shower (get in a skate, clean up, go on a date!)
  • Popcorn maker
  • Coffee maker
  • Laundry room with modern washer and dryer
  • Hangout and lounge area
  • Flat screen TV

What’s Near By?

Tons of great food and drink options near by, in walking distance. here are some of our recommendations:

How Do I Get To The Skate Bunker?

  • Western Ave. CTA Blueline or bus. – Skate West on Homer to Campbell. The Skate Bunker is on the corner.
  • Armitage bus, we are just South of Armitage Ave.
  • The 606. We are just a few pushes North of the 606.
  • Parking: Street parking. Homer is permit parking East of Campbell. Homer is only permit parking on the South side of the street West of Campbell. Other than that parking is fairly easy to get.

1934 N. Campbell Ave. Chicago, IL 60618. Just steps (or pushes) away from the Western Ave. Blueline Stop, Western Milwaukee, Armitage buses. Please check our schedule for open session days.

Classes by SK8 Chicago

Learn to skateboard! The Skate Bunker has partnered with SK8 Chicago to offer skateboarding lessons at the Skate Bunker. Just ’cause its cold outside doesn’t mean you can skate. Come in where its warm and get your skills ready for summer! For more info on lessons from Ben Karbin of SK8 Chicago: Click HERE for more info. (Link is a page on this site)

Skate Bunker Rental:

Rent the bunker for you and your crew! Let us customize a rental package for you. Please email us using the contact form below.

Sponsor The Skate Bunker

Want to advertise at the Skate Bunker or on the website? We have space available for banners, and displays in the Skate Bunker. You can have your company info and logo on our website too. Please email us using the contact form below.

Skate Bunker Contact Form

So, What’s The Backstory On The Skate Bunker?

When Pardon My Thrashing formed as a LLC. we planned that one day we would have a office, warehouse, and place to skate, all under one roof. For the past four years we have used home offices, coffee shops, a Ford Flex…all as offices and storage. Huffing decks and merch up and down stairs at a home office gets old. Storage at our current location California Ave. location is super limited. It’s fun to be surrounded by skateboards but when you can’t move it’s overwhelming.

Through constantly looking for a proper space, some good connections and a little bit of right place, right time, we found our spot. We at Pardon My Thrashing are so grateful by the support that we have received. Our goals are fairly simple. Support skateboarding, support Chicago skateboarding, support local business, be decent humans, offer the best quality products that we can, give great service, and have fun all while contributing back to the community.

The space has everything we need, really. (Well, you can never have too many ramps, right?! so we’re gonna keep building). We don’t want to just shut the door and make this some mysterious place that is unapproachable and people have only heard about in stories. We want to make this spot a true skateboarding community hub in Chicago. While this is NOT a true skatepark, we do have open skate sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Come join the skate club! Once the dust settles and paint dries we have some more plans and ideas up our sleeves!

Check back for more info as this site (mainly this page is getting updated every day). Ramps are almost done. Pic & vids coming soon. Lots of sweat, little bit of blood, no tears so far, but one trip to the ER!

Again, thank you for your support of Pardon My Thrashing and the skateboarding community – PMT.

Check out the short film, below. Who is Pardon My Thrashing?

A Big Thank You To Our Skate Bunker Sponsors

SK8 Chicago

Skateboarding classes, ramp builders, soft goods and other skateboarding merchandise

Sk8 Chicago offers skate lessons, clinics, and camps. Lessons are open to all levels and abilities and tailored to our students goals. Lead by instructor Ben Karbin, 20 year skater and professional personal trainer. For more information, please call 847-529-4888 or visit

2020 Winter classes will be held at the Skate Bunker!

Little Cabin Films

Chicago based film makers: Commercial • Documentary • Corporate

Here at the Cabin we love what we do. We’re storytellers and image makers by trade. Whether it’s that of a company or an individual, we strive to tell authentic stories. From product videos to personal documentaries, we believe each project has its own voice and we tailor each of our productions to meet the needs of our clients. For more information, please visit the cabin at

Alexsandra Sanchez Graphic Design

Graphic Design Service

“I’ve been designing professionally for 6 years now. I love what I do and if we work together I’ll make sure you love what you see. Graphic design is a process and I understand you don’t always know what you want from the beginning. Over the years I’ve mastered the art of jumping right in and being patient and open to change.” For more information, please visit

Let’s Go For A S.K.A.T.E.

Sightseeing, Knowledge, Architecture, Travel, Entertainment. Of course there’ll be some skateboarding. We show you how we got there and what we ate along the way.

Follow us to learn about history, travel, skateboarding, where to visit when in Chicago, good food, live music & more. We’ll and have a ton of fun along the way…C’mon, let’s go for a SKATE! For more information and videos, please check us out here; Website: Videos:


The membership program is currently ON HOLD. Please direct any questions towards Greg or complete the contact form.


If you hear, through the grapevine, that we are moving, that is correct. But not until Summer. While the Skate Bunker is awesome, we are very limited in what we can do there verses what our goals are. We would like to stay in the area, but do not have a space selected yet. If you know of a good space, please let us know. More info coming soon.

**The Skate Bunker is not a business or for profit. It is a private training facility, for Pardon My Thrashing’s team riders, that on occasion opens up for sessions, classes and events to help serve the community. All monetary submissions are considered donations to cover the extra wear and tear on the ramps and facility. Pardon My Thrashing LLC’s main address is 2020 N. California Ave. Chicago, IL. 60647. All of the info above is for the ease of use for Pardon My Thrashing’s team riders and others who use our facility for their own private training as well as anyone visiting our private facility.**