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Skate Shops & Parks

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Piotrowski Skate Park (LV1)

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Skatepark Name: Piotrowaki Park (LV1)
Usually called LV1 standing for Little Village 1 as there are two skateparks in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago. The other one is Called La Villita, Prison Park or LV2.

Inside / Outside:

Open / Closed:
6am – 11pm

Free or Pay:

Are Pads Required?

Riding Surface?


You can see around the manual pad area. Everything else is too dark.

Park District building to the East. Enter on North side of building. Bathrooms are on the right.
If that’s closed and you gotta go. Go towards Cicero and hit up one of the gas stations there.

Of all the Chicagoland Parks this one feels the most like a street spot. It feels like you are skating in a urban plaza. Lots of street obstacles. Benches and manny pads are perfect.

Insider Tips:
Parking: You can park on 31st. No meters. The lot is good too but be careful. On busy days people will park in the middle of the lot making it difficult to get out. Watch for weirdos, especially at night. Thirsty? Do hit up the machete guy over by the old pickup truck. Get a coconut!

On the Southside of 31st St.

Is there a pro shop on site?
Nearest shop is Prosper

Food / Drinks nearby:
Machete guy or any of the carts on 31st.

My 2 Cents:
I really like this park. I feel comfortable here. But again, watch out for weirdos.
Eat while you are in the neighborhood. So many good spots.

Management of Skate Park:
Chicago Park District

Emergency Phone Number:



Prosper Skate Shop



Prosper is located in the heart in Chicago’s famous Little Village neighborhood. Prosper was founded in 2011 for one reason alone, to take care of the southside of Chicago’s skateboard community and help grow the scene to its fullest potential.

Skate Bunker™ By Pardon My Thrashing®

**Private membership park that is managed by Pardon My Thrashing. Please see web-page for more info**



Just steps (or pushes) away from the Western Ave. Blueline Stop, Western Milwaukee, Armitage buses.

The Skate Bunker is a private membership skate facility in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, IL. The skate Bunker does offer open skates during the week and weekend and is open for new members.


  • “Ramp Room” Contains:
  • 3.5ft Mini Ramp
  • 2.5ft Mini Ramp
  • Bank to ledge (Replica of the Palatine Banks)
  • 4ft quarter pipe
  • Various other obstacle: launch ramps, kickers, parking blocks
  • Dedicated street area with:
  • Two 13ft long manual pads with super nice metal edging
  • 13ft long slider bar also with the super nice metal
  • Various other platforms, rails, banks and quarters


  • Full Kitchen with refrigerator, stove & oven
  • Full bath with shower (get in a skate, clean up, go on a date!)
  • Popcorn maker
  • Coffee maker
  • Laundry room with modern washer and dryer
  • Hangout and lounge area
  • Flat screen TV with Bluray player & VCR! (Coming soon)

Uprise Skate Shop




Fargo Skateboarding



Skatepark Name: Fargo Skateboarding:
The skatepark is located in the historic Fargo Theater!

Inside / Outside:

10,000 SQ FT.

Are Pads Required?

Waiver Required?
Yes. Can be done electronically on site.

Hours / Rates:
Check their website for the most updated information.

Riding Surface?
Wooden ramps and concrete floor.

Is there a pro shop on site?
Yes, fully stocked with decks, trucks, wheels, shoes, clothing.
The shop has all of the major brands plus local Chicago brands (Like Pardon My Thrashing).

Food / Drinks nearby:
Plenty of options up and down Lincoln Highway. CHICKEN across the street and Tom & Jerry’s are local favorites. 

Yes, in the skatepark to the left of the “stage”. “Nicest skate park bathroom I have ever been in.” – Greg Roberts.

Other Info:
On the Northside of Lincoln Highway right in downtown Dekalb.
They are in the former Fargo Theater. You can find free parking right in front on Lincoln Highway.

Fargo is located approximately 65 miles West of Grant Park Skate Park. Lincoln Highway is also Route 38 and for us city folks; Roosevelt Rd.
If you want to take the scenic route out to Dekalb you can just head West on Roosevelt Rd!
I have done it before! Just take the Eisenhower (290) merge on to the Regan (88) and sing along to your favorite driving tunes until you exit 88 at Peace Rd.

Once you park you walk right into the shop store front. The shop is well stocked and nicely lit. Tons of decks, shoes, clothing, hats…
The park is past the left of the sales counter, out to the patio, turn right, and head straight for the door in front of you.

When it’s cold outside it’s toasty in the park. If you have a bag or other gear to put somewhere there’s a hangout area in the park.

Fargo is constantly evolving and changing their set up. They have some unique obstacles, couple of different height manny pads, pool corner, mini ramp (a large and small version), pyramid, rails, Euro gap. Plenty of moveable obstacles too.

They also offer lesions, skate camp and have a lady’s only skate sessions as well as a 30 years old and older session once per month.

Insider Tips:
You can park right in front on Lincoln Highway. Free street parking. Show off your parallel parking skills before you show off your skate boarding skills.


Mt. Prospect:

FA Skate Shop


Oswego Illinois:

The Den Skate Park And Community Center


Rockford Illinois:

Ground Floor Skateboards



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Adding these soon:

Lake Bluff:

Asylum Skate Shop & Park

Oregon (Illinois)